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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Edible Stained Glass

The other day on THIS post a "fan" said something along the lines "that it would be cool if the candy melted to make edible stained glass".  YES- that would be cool.  :-)  So we tried it.  We melted the gummies we used that day and had ONE BIG GOOEY MESS!!  That was fun.... NOT.  
When we were kids we used to make homemade lollipops.  I knew there would be a recipe out there where you could make your own.  After searching I came across THIS Very cool... but I wanted something that would be a little bit more hands on for the girls.  With a little more searching I learned you can melt hard candy down and have it reform.... Uh duh!!  Why didn't I think of that the first time around.  :-P  So here is our Round 2 go at it....

I bought 2 different kinds of hard candy.  Jolly Ranchers and Life Savers.  I knew the Life Savers would crush easily if we wanted to break pieces up.  

My 29M old was apart of this whole process.  Setting up the invitation was actually her favorite part!  So much fun learning going on as well.  :-)  Color recognition... sorting.... fine motor...

Taking the wrappers off. 

My 29M old was all over the crushing part. 

Again, true to form... my oldest (3.5) hard at work making her masterpieces.  We placed the pieces inside of cookie cutters and also canning lids (what I had on hand).  We also did a few free form.... these were my favorite!  

"I crushed it all up, Mommy!!!"  

Filling in the circles.  

This was as far as my 29M old got....

Design and Drill was much more appealing. 

My oldest's pre-oven.  She decided to do one more free from because "we needed to have 3 for each of them."  We baked these at 325 for about 5-6 minutes.  



I placed the cookie sheet on top of a towel.  Before they harden you can use a toothpick to make swirls in your designs (we did this as kids... so much fun!).  

You can also make a hole to hang them.  You have to pop them out of the cookie cutters, etc before they harder all the way, while they are still warm or they will crack.  Oh... we also sprayed the parchment paper with cooking spray.  Next time we will spray the cookie cutters as well.  

After we saw how cool the free form ones came out my oldest asked to make more.  She asked if we could make a flower.  We did this one together.  


We made a couple lollipops as well.  Just place a stick in your design while it is still warm.  

Canning lid with toothpick swirls.  

Our flower turned into "it looks like a cloud... that's a pretty cool cloud."

"It feels so warm and cozy."  

She chose to hang this one up.  


Cookie cutters/canning lids (or do them free form)
Hard candies
Parchment paper
Cooking spray
Cookie sheet

Place parchment paper on your cookie sheet and spray with cooking spray.  Place candies within the cookie cutters or make designs free form.  Pop in the oven at 325 for 5-6 minutes.  Let cool a little bit.  You an also make designs during this time or put holes in them to hang.  Pop them out while they are still warm to the touch.  Let harden.  



  1. My mom used to make "stained glass cookies" when we were little with sugar cookie dough rolled into long strands and then shaped (circles, trees, letters etc.) then you crush up the candies and fill up the shapes and melt them :) Kids can help with the whole process. you could even use the cookie cutters to help you shape your dough strands to make it a little easier.

  2. Yes, I was going to stay that stained glass biscuits are my favourite bikkies to bake at Christmas time. (or rather cookies for you guys...!) I've never thought to do it with just the candy, I think my kids will love it!

  3. I guess my mom's secret is out!! We use to do this as kids!!! I loved it!!! My mom would always make stained glass cookies any time I need to bring something to school!!! Gingerbread or sugar work the best!!!

  4. So fun! I'm curious though did they melt hanging in the window? We tried this method for the windows of our gingerbread houses but they started melting because of the hot weather in Australia at Christmas time.

  5. I just tried this with wax paper and it did not work. The wax paper stuck to the candies. Tried again with parchment paper and it worked perfectly!

  6. I would love to try this with my kids, it looks like it came out great! I love the charm thats hanging, the one thats just a circle. But they look delectable and beautiful, too good to eat. Ciao.

    -Solomon Berkovitch
    Window Repair Brooklyn

  7. Exactly what driver said :) stained glass cookies, have a recipe on My counter :) grandma made them with us once or twice :)

  8. They really love this kind of activity.

    tlc auto glass


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