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Saturday, July 28, 2012


We always love when "fans" expand on what we put out there.  We received an email the other day from Ashley Buterbaugh with a picture of something similar to the one below.  She used our template from our Circle Sheets and created a fun letter search type game.  We asked her if we create one of our own and offer it to all of you for free.  Obviously, the answer was YES!  Click on the links below to download.  
You will receive an email from ejunkie for an instant download.  

To purchase our complete packet of Letter/Number Templates click HERE

To utilize this sheet you can buy the primary color circle stickers and letter stickers available at Target and online.  The letter stickers shown below are from Target for 1.00

This is Ashley's original picture she sent to us.  

This is the document you will receive for free.

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  2. What exactly is free? All i see is the circle sheets that cost. Maybe its because im using the Google Reader app on my phone.

  3. You need to click on the Add to cart button.

  4. I did and the only.option was to buy so i did.

  5. Nicole, Google Apps are free for just Trail period. hehhe

    Sample Letter Templates


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