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Monday, July 30, 2012

Peek-A-Boo Box

I made A CAVE OF STARS a few days ago for my youngest (8 months).  We've been having so much fun with this box since.  We started a little game of peek-a-boo with me closing and opening the door on her.  She loved loved loved this.  So..... it led me to this....

The Peek-A-Boo Box

All you need is a big box and something to cut the little doors.  I just used a kitchen knife.  This is one side of the box.  These doors are all over the box in different sizes.  

My older girls loved this as well!  Here she is with my 29M old playing.  I found it to be a great way for them to really play and interact with her.  :-) 

Smart baby!  :-P  

It was hard to capture pictures of this since my camera had to be at a certain angle to shoot through the hole.  Here she is anticipating what hole we will surprise her in next.  

We also used animals as well as instruments to make different sounds. 

"There is the cow!  You're touching his nose.  That must feel soft and fuzzy."  

She loved the holes closer to the ground she could peer out herself.



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