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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Duck River

"Embrace their childhood."
What does that mean?
Does it mean let them run wild with no boundaries?  
Does it mean take them to the beach to play while you read?  
Well, we all need some down time, but no.  

It probably means different things to different people and on different levels.  
For us here at Play at Home Mom, LLC it means following their lead, saying "yes", and rediscovering our own childhood with our children.  It means doing the best we can to take advantage of every playful opportunity - every day.  It means never having to look back and say "I wish I had played more with my children".

So today, when the thunderstorm cleared, we did just that.

All you need for this activity is a drainage ditch, a good heavy rain, and some rubber ducks.  
Okay, so there may be other ways to improvise and recreate this activity, but our hopes are that after a hard rain we all think outside the box a little and take advantage of mother natures gifts. 

RL brought out some rubber ducks to send down the "river".

Catching the rubber ducks and enjoying splashing in the water.

I caught two rubber ducks!

Running down the "river" was just as fun as sending the ducks down.


Crawling through the tunnel after the ducks.

So the next time life feels like a thunderstorm...
think outside the box...
find your inner child...
and play!

- AK & RL


  1. i really enjoy reading your blogs! I love your photo's in the blogs.

  2. I remember crawling through tunnels - the best! Hmmm...I wonder if I'll still fit?

  3. Wow, that brick wall in the first photo is so picturesque it looks fake! Great fun playing in the ditch! One of my favorite memories from my childhood was helping my mum clear out the drains during a rainstorm so they didn't get blocked & back-up. Raincoats & boots over top of swimsuits = lots of wet fun & happy memories. I managed to do the same with my kids last winter (although it was a blocked gutter on the sidewalk, but hey, it's about as close as us city-slickers can get!!).
    Great blog.


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