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Monday, May 27, 2013

The Unblogged

We post a lot of impromptu pictures that have potential to be blog worthy, but then we never end up blogging about them.  So, here is a quick picture list of some of our quality cell phone picture activities.


Visual bed time routine.  

Create a table in microsoft word, print, and laminate.  We attached ours to a clip board to keep on my daughters night stand.  She checks things off as she goes with a dry erase marker.  

Tape off a track on the floor for car play.

use rope lights and fabric to create a wonderful reading nook in small spaces.  This space is a built in for a TV.

Dollar Tree find.....colored containers and plastic ice cubes for sorting.

Mini DROP BOX.....color recognition.

Create your own tree blocks....all you need is a thick branch or thin tree trunk and a saw.

Tracing.....use sidewalk chalk to trace letters....names....shapes....etc.

Upper/lower case letter match.....use a Sharpie marker to write letters on shot glasses  and have the child match them up by nesting them on top of one another on the light panel - of course.

Bean bag toss....tape colored construction paper to the floor as well as challenge lines where the child is to stand and have them toss the bean bags onto the corresponding colors.

Oral Motor control.....tape colored paper to a table and have the children blow pom-poms through a straw onto its corresponding color.

Bath tub paint....shaving cream colored with liquid watercolors.

Imaginative play....fishing in the bath tub.

Wire play - similar to our WIRED POST.....using floral wire to create.

Use magnetic beads on the magnet board.  Make various sized strands of magnetic beads, create letters and print them, then use them on the magnet board......the child uses the templates and bead strands to build the letters.

Ball ramp - simple fun with a bowl of balls and a gutter!

Colored design tape and overhead transparencies on the light panel.

Painting lanterns

Similar to our MAGNETIC PUMPKIN, we created a magnetic snowman.  Tape white circles to the magnet board and allow child to use DIY MAGNETS to build a snowman.

Use play doh number stampers to stamp numbers into sand on the light panel

A spin off of our ILLUMINATED EASTER EGG HUNT.....letter find and building words.  Use a sharpie to write letters on the eggs.

Building with sugar cubes.  Use powdered sugar and water mixed together as a "glue" to build towers, houses, and more!!

Im sure we will add to this list as we come across pictures we have posted and never really blogged about.....and as the questions start rolling in.



  1. Thanks for some new ideas of things for me to do with my Grand Boys!

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