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Friday, May 31, 2013

Bouncy Ball Basics

I don't have too many pictures of this because my 18 Month old help me set it up.  

What is needed:

Paint Palette

Balls that will fit in the slots (we used bouncy balls)
However, you could use:  Ping Pong balls, golf balls, etc.

Dry erase markers

You can set this up many different ways depending on the interests of your child.

Matching...Counting...Color Recognition... Patterns

Here are a few we tried.  

Here is my 18 Month old just randomly placing the balls in the slots as I counted for her.

Color Recognition... Yellow

"Look, they are all yellow."  

"You made a yellow circle!"

Color Match

Make a colored circle with the dry erase marker on the paint palette and present the coordinating balls.  

Number Match/Counting

I used a permanent marker on the balls for the numbers so it didn't come off as they held them in their hands.  If you scrub hard enough it will eventually come all the way off... at least mine did.  

For a short video of my youngest enjoying this activity click on the link below...



  1. Where did you get a big supply of solid colored bouncy balls?

  2. you can also go over permenat marker with a dry earse marker and the permentant will come right off

  3. Fun games are not always fun it has positive point that it also help kids to learn lot of new thing as well.
    So thanks for sharing and also aware about the fact.....behind that.

  4. wow!thanks for sharing ! i will try this ! cpbay.com


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