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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Happy Spiders

The other day my oldest asked to make GLUE CATCHERS.  She wanted to make a spider...  I wasn't sure how that was going to work with the legs.  I asked her if she just wanted to hot glue the whole thing instead.  She said yes and it led us to this...

To start off, I laminated a piece of white paper as the working board.  I figured this would be easier to peel off the hot glue than wax paper.  I also wanted her to be able to draw the design.  She took a black dry erase marker and drew her spider on the laminated paper.  

After she drew the spider she went over it with hot glue.  


First part finished.  Yes, I know the spider has 12 legs... "It was a creepy crawly spider so he needed to have lots of legs."  

After peeling the spider off the paper.  

I thought that was going to be the extent of this, but then she said he needs to be black and have a face.   

Applying modge podge to the spider.

We brainstormed together on how we could make him black. She ultimately chose to cover the spider with sand.  

Sprinkling black sand on top.  

She picked some things out of her art buckets to make a face and hot glued them on.  


We hung him from the ceiling.  :-) 

We made a spider, but this would be fun to do with any sort of design!  



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  2. I am a long time reader of your blog and have tried several of your ideas and I've always wondered about how you decide what to keep and what to ditch (of what your children make). Do you let them decide? Do you do it while they are asleep so they don't get upset? You can't possibly keep everything but are they offended if they notice something that you had displayed (like this spider) is missing at some point? Thanks for any tips on saving but not becoming a pack rat! Stacie


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