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Thursday, September 27, 2012

GIVEAWAY: Morning or Evening Rhythm Chart

The winner of the rhythm chart giveaway is Lori Hodgins Brazell. Lori, please contact us via email: playathomemom3@gmail.com!

Last August we had our first giveaway with Traci McGrath at A Kids Day: A Simple Way To A Simpler Day, and it was a lot of fun. In the post I talked about how Traci’s daily rhythm board helped me simplify my life and get a bit more organized; you can check out the post here. Then this past spring Traci sent me her newest morning rhythm board to try. It was nearing the end of the school year and Addi and I were both tired and a bit out of sorts. We needed some inspiration and a fresh way to connect.

Morning Rhythm Board

Then it arrived, and as you can see it is beautiful. This 8”x 10” hard art board with textured watercolor papers turned out to be just the lift we needed to keep us going by removing the “nagging” on my part (yes, I’ve been known to nag, and even moan…I’m only human). Traci made us personalized leaf magnets, and each morning Addi climbed into my lap on the rocking chair to choose the order for the morning’s events while we looked out the window (my partner took some lovely pictures, but I can’t find them for the life of me!). It was a beautiful way to connect with my daughter and empower her to take charge of her mornings.

Evening Rhythm Board

Having a strong daily rhythm is important, especially for young children. And for some families mornings and evenings are especially challenging. These rhythm boards are a great way to simplify these challenging times while also empowering children with our trust.

Morning & Evening Rhythm Boards

Over the summer we stopped using the rhythm board and I put it on the shelf near the rocking chair. I was taken completely by surprise when on the first day of school Addi ran to the living room and exclaimed, “I’ll get the bird board so we can chat about what to do first!” It has since circumvented numerous potential power struggles about other morning distractions (playing hide and seek, dress-up, dancing, etc.) with just a simple question: “what else is there to do before it's time to play?”

How to play:
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 Traci McGrath creates the rhythm charts at A Kid's Day, writes a blog Educated For Love, and is an Outreach Coordinator for Simplicity Parening. She has two boys, ages 5 and 2, who love digging in the dirt, collecting bugs, making up games and stories, and playing music; together as a family they love being outside and camping.

 I hope you'll check out her website and blog, and I know you'll enjoy her daily rhythm boards as much as I have!

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  1. This seriously is the coolest thing! My daughter asks me each morning, and sometimes the night before, what the plans are for the day! She is a planner just like her mommy!!

  2. Love this! Thanks! PAHM Giveaway - I did it! :)

  3. I have PAHM Giveaway - I did it!
    I have Subscribe to the Educated for Love blog and to the Play At Home Mom blog as pamelajmcbride at gmail dot com and my FB is the same at yahoo dot com.

    Thanks for this give away. It's perfect timing. I was going to spend this weekend making a chart for my son, now I will wait and see.

  4. Liked on facebook, looks like just thing for helping us settle down after a long day!

  5. This is so cool! I made a similar thing, in paper/chart form for my daughter recently (and posted about it here: http://vibrantwanderings.com/2012/09/eliminating-struggle-from-the-morning-routine.html) and it has done such wonderful things for our mornings. I would *love* a more aesthetically pleasing solution and these are perfect, perfect. I definitely "did it" and am crossing my fingers ;)

  6. How adorable! I would LOVE to win this :-) I subscribe to Stay at Home Mom blog


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