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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Infant Play Dough Play

**** Only do what you are comfortable with ****

Below is an invitation I set up for my 7 Month old.  She loves any sort of sensory play and I wanted to bring in another medium.  I had no idea how she was going to react to this and boy was I in for a surprise.  I always say this, and I will say it again... NEVER underestimate your children.  

This invitation was set up for her right after breakfast with a full belly of yummy food and milk.  

Play dough and mirrors.  

Mirrors can be seen HERE 

The play dough is store bought.  If you are more comfortable with something homemade see HERE

Checking it out.  

Yes, you may put that in your mouth.  

Yeah... that didn't taste so good.    

Back to exploring

Hmmmm.... maybe the pink one tastes different.... 

No, not so much.  

She LOVED the little tiny pieces that had broken off.  

Pretty good pincer grasp if I don't say so myself.  :-P  

"You are holding the green play dough.  You are squeezing it!  That must feel squishy in your hands.  Uh oh, it's stuck on your finger.  That is so silly!  There it goes.  The dough fell out of your hand.  Where did it go?  There it is... you found it!"  

I ended up rolling some smaller pieces into balls since she really enjoyed the smaller pieces.  


The dough would often get stuck on her hands.  So fun to watch her problem solve to get it off.  


She probably could have played with this all day.  

Below is a short 4 minute video of her play in action.  



  1. I have such a vivid childhood memory of finding what I thought was a long lost fruit snack under the couch and eating it only to discover it was actually play-doh. Worst taste ever! Bet she'll never put it in her mouth again, lol. (She's such a cutie, btw!)


  2. SO precious! My 11 mo old loves to explore. I just love watching those tiny fingers pick up everything. My son (3 1/2) always loved play dough, he still does. One of his favorite things was/is making balls. I've probably made hundreds of those things! LOL He now really likes those pompoms and uses them as people or anything really. We call them fuzzies. :)

  3. Thank you! THis is a precious snippet that holds soooo much meaning. What moves me most is the pure TRUST between you and your child. Again, thank you. I want to play this on every computer at work on repeat to spread the word about viewing our children - even BABIES (gasp) as full, capable, competent humans capable of making connections and making meaning, even on their own. Love LOVE your work mama.

  4. i tried this with my 6 month old unfortunatly he didn't think it was yucky tasting. I will have to make some home made stuff with no nasties to let him chomp away at it.:)

  5. LOVE the mirror as part of the play invitation. Great for her exploration and, purely from a practical standpoint, great for photography.

    I like how you made it clear the steps you made to make it safe as necessary (as opposed to safe as possible)


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