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Monday, June 18, 2012

Funnel Rack

I hadn't planned on blogging about this, but I've had a few requests to.  So....here it is......

When I asked my husband to explain to me how he made this so I could share it with all of you, he said - "I eyeballed it, cut it, and screwed it all together".  So, I hope that helps if you are interested in making one. ;)  I also have no pictures of the process because he made it while my son and I were at the playground.  I guess this post just kinda stinks as far as being a DIY Funnel Rack post.  (Sorry)

I can tell  you that he used scrap wood from Home Depot, cut it/built it to fit inside our sensory table, and used a Hole Saw to drill the holes in the top.  The funnels fit snugly into the clear tubing (all purchased at Home Depot) and simply rest on top of the rack.

Funnel rack (yes, I need one more funnel/tubing)

Great for water play!

Dropping water beads into the tubing.  The water beads didn't fit through the funnels, so we just used taped to secure the tubing.



  1. This is so very cool. my boys would absolutely love this. what a fun surprise to come home too. Yay for playful Dads.


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