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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Toddler Woodworking

From the time my son was big enough to crawl to a hammer and explore a power drill, or any power tool for that matter, he has been allowed to do so.  Children can be taught respect for tools if we take the time to guide them.  With repeated exposure and guidance we have come to totally trust our son with many tools.  I would recommend focusing on one tool at a time if this is something you are interested in.  In addition to fostering confidence, trust, and self-esteem, woodworking is also great for building fine motor skills, hand/eye coordination, problem solving skills, imagination, matching, sorting, and even language development.

**Safety is important, please only do what you feel comfortable with.**

Here is an invitation I set up for him today....

A tree stump, a hammer, nails, a power drill/screwdriver, screws, and a hand saw.


Starting a nail

RLs and her girls came over and her 27 month old had a go at it.

This is an invitation that will stay up for a while, Im sure. 



  1. I TOTALLY agree. My father, and my husband enjoy working with tools, fixing things, etc. My son, has been allowed to use hammers, drills and others, under supervision and guidance, of course, and he is now (at 5) very confident with them. I think is a GREAT gift for his life. But boy, I had to put up with SUCH criticism from so many people!

    1. That's awesome. We get no criticism here, so I cant really relate. HA!! (sarcasm) LOL LOL

  2. Very cool and super fun. It's awesome to let them explore. My 3 1/2 year old LOVES tools. I let him use them at every opportunity we can. I like your idea of also just making it about play and exploration. I think we'll do that more often. He helped me to build the play shelves in the play room. You should've seen his little face as the drill whirred (glad I can lower the speed!). Yes we had a few dings, but tools are fun! Just today I bought him a little tool chest, with real drawers like Daddys, with real tools at Lowe's and he fell in love with it. It was on sale for about $16. Daddy gave him his own small hammer and he played with it and helped build a little race car from a kit. It doesn't hurt that Daddy is a Harley Mechanic and has all sorts of cool tools and a bike in the garage. :)

  3. Great post. Our 2 year old is a dab hand - even has her own workbench and toolbox now :)


  4. My biggest issue with this isn't the tools, but the fact that he isn't wearing any shoes! Protection is a HUGE part of learning tool safety.

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