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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Hammering for All Ages

It has been so interesting watching my son and RLs daughter fall into their "gender roles" as they have grown - and through no coaxing from us.  In true boy form, my son loves tools - all tools.  I KNEW he would love this activity.  I wanted everyone to see how this can be done with all ages, so we started with play doh, and progressed from there.  



hammering the match sticks into the play doh

(or SOME toddlers)


styrofoam block (Walmart)

 The Invitation (I left the plastic on the styrofoam in order to contain a potential mess)

 fine motor

We did this for over an hour!  He hammered the entire pack of nails into the block.  LOL


 Numbers (and for those of you who are familiar - touchmath, which I love).  I used large Sharpie markers to write the numbers and touch points.  It takes a minute to dry.

 Adding nails to the touch points.  I had NO intention for my son to do this (I set it up just to show everyone a more academic take on this activity).  I actually thought he would leave once I wrote the numbers - LOL.  He was really interested, though, and wanted to do it - so I went with it. 

 He would hammer in the nail and I would count as he hammered each nail.  Then he would count the nails and say the name of the number.  Im not typically "academic" like this with him, but he was really into it.  Trust me, if it had been letters, he would have run for the hills!  LOL

 working on #5

 After numbers 1-5, he ASKED me to write #6.  Then, when it was all said it done, he drew a treasure map and hammered nails into the X.


  1. I've seen this done with golf tees and styrofoam as well. Fun.

  2. Wow! The things kids love! How cool :) Also, I have never heard of touchpoint. Googling it now!


  3. we taught "Chisanbop" years ago to our pre-schoolers (same as touchpoint I believe)... it really is helpful :)

  4. How did you know I needed help with *exactly* this thing!? I am so grateful for the ideas. I'm trying to get some activities together for my 2 yo daughter to explore while I am busier when baby #2 comes in January. I know she would love hammering, but I just couldn't figure out some of the particulars of process, materials and such. THANK YOU for sharing these experiences and ideas!

  5. This halloween my class hammered golf tees into a pumpkin. Then for some more fine motor- and to make it spooky they glued googly eyes to the end of the tees.

    Love this blog!!

  6. THANK YOU, Ladies! Hope yall have as much fun as we did! - AK

  7. What a cute idea! Would be great for a construction themed birthday party too!

  8. Home Depot has a type of insulation that is pink and comes in various depths; 1/2 inch up to 2 inches. It doesn't split like styrofoam does and is very easy to cleanup


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