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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Power Tool to Pumpkin

This is not our first and will not be our last pumpkin before Halloween, Im sure!  It seems the theme in our house today was tools.  In this case - a power tool!  We got a little creative with a pumpkin and my 2.75 year old son loved it.

 I used a Sharpie to mark where I wanted him to drill.

 Finished product


  1. So cool! I tried something like this with a knife one year, and it didn't turn out nearly this good! Going to try to find a kid to use a power tool this time :)


  2. I cannot wait to try this with my daughters!!! I absolutely love the idea. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Fabulous, I love the look on his face!

  4. I love how you let your son use a power tool. What a great way to show him you respect and trust him! It turned out great.

  5. This is the coolest idea ever! I have four boys. :) And we're not super crafty. It's perfect for us!

  6. Thank you, ladies. :)

    @Katey - Yes, its important to me that he knows that I trust him - and I really do. He has been using Daddy's tools since he could pick them up - with guidance and supervision. Im of the mindset that when you allow them access to things, and teach them how to handle them appropriately - it makes life so much easier. - AK

  7. then comes the question - would you hand him a gun with the right guidance and supervision?

  8. @tiffjones611 - While I feel this is a politically charged question and irrelevant to what our blog is all about, I will answer. My initial reaction was - 'YES - not only would I, but I plan to'. After talking with the other moms behind this page, I would like to elaborate on my initially short answer....

    When it comes to our children - there are no limits. We will guide and teach them in every way possible to help them be prepared and capable in this world. Just as we never baby proofed and instead used supervision and guidance to teach our children to navigate his environment safely, so will we do with everything else from using a power tool, using a gun, or driving a car.

    We hope that our followers find inspiration amongst our posts....take what they love and what they are comfortable with....and leave the rest. Thanks for your question. - PAHMs

  9. Good for you.

    There are too many parents out there sheltering their child instead of teaching them about the real world. The question was not political in any sort, just wanted people to see that teaching a child how to properly use dangerous tools, electronics, guns, etc will make the child respect you and your authority. Better that than rejection and rebellion.

  10. @tiffjones611 - THANKS! Sorry for my assumption that your question was politically charged. While that was clearly not your intent, Im sure some will see it that way. I would also allow pretend "gun play" in my home (and I allowed it in my classroom when I was a teacher). Better to teach than to shelter. I think "hiding" things only increases the allure. - AK

  11. thanks for the idea my boys LOVED it. and so did not husband

  12. This is too risky but its a great idea.
    Power tools


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