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Monday, June 10, 2013

TNT Letter Sounds

My girls love these little Pop-Its.  You can usually find them in local stores around Memorial Day and July 4th.  However, if you have a hard time finding them you can always order them online.  Amazon has a pretty big selection.  

POP-ITS... found at our local grocery store.  

I drew 10 letters on the driveway with chalk and put a circle around them.  I only started with 10 because I didn't want them to be overwhelmed.  

My girls can recognize all the letters of the alphabet so we've been exploring letter sounds.  I would say the letter sound, and then they would throw a Pop-It inside the circle with the corresponding letter.  

"Look, it's   /K/   /K/  K."  

Throwing a Pop-It on letter D.

My 3 year old loved this.  She would get so excited every time she found a letter. 

"Over here, over here!!  It's  /V/  /V/  V!!!!!

AK was inspired by this post, only she did it with water balloons.  She wanted to incorporate bother letter names and sounds, so she stated - "The name of the letter is __, and the sound is __.  Can you find it?"  She also included the words 'off' and 'on', because her son recognizes these two words thanks to their blender and all of the green smoothies he makes.  :)
Water balloons!


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  1. Omg can't wait to try this at our new house (has paved driveway ; )

  2. Those kids are adorable and the way they are playing is just amazing.
    I love both of them.
    Teacher Collaboration


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