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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Hole Punch Letters

There was initially no "invitation" for this, but if I had set one up (which I did AFTER the fact), it would look like this....

Using hole punchers to identify letters and letter sounds.

As my son and I were playing in the playroom, he started cutting "tickets" out of construction paper.  He asked me to write the word "ticket" on them, and then he used his hole puncher to punch my ticket to get on the train.  Then he said, "now I need to punch the letters" and he sat and followed the line of the letters in the word "ticket".  I asked him if he would like to punch out more letters and he said yes - so I made more.  It seemed quite tedious to me, but he was really enjoying it and he was very engaged.  The tickets led to a letter game where I would write letters on a "ticket" and he would find the letter either by its name or its sound and punch a hole in it.

Tracing letters with the hole puncher and identifying letters with the hole puncher.


I later created a letter board for him and again I would say the name or the sound of the letter and he would punch it out.  He used his snowflake puncher for this....much more fun.

I used a paper cutter to cut out the "game board".

Finding a letter.

 This is such a great activity for strengthening the muscles in the hands and fingers, bilateral control, motor planning, visual motor skills, and coordination.

There are many other ways to create games similar to this....

number recognition
punch holes correlating to amounts
sight words
math facts


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  1. Those picture about kid creativity and kid are just amazing. Thanks for sharing them.
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