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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Story Time

We've been telling a lot of stories lately.  My girls loved the

invitation and revisit it over and over and over again.  I wanted to give them yet another way to put their creative thoughts out there.  It led me to this..

Story invitation

I placed random objects out with a few play people and animals.  

A few empty clear containers, bark, play people/animals, acorn tops, feathers,  and painted corn kernels.  

Play dough, empty jewelry box, blue gems, small skewers, random bottle tops, and bingo chips.  

I had no idea where this was going to take them but it sure was fun watching!  Here is my 26 month old telling her story.

She only used a couple of the objects in her play.  She was very literal with them (LOL).  "The man is jumping off the blue block.... weeeeee."  

Then it was my oldest's turn.  She played with this ALL day today.  :-)  

When she tells stories she often acts/plays out what is going on in her every day life.  

"Zookeeper feeding the animals"
"Balance beam"
"Babysitter taking care of the baby on the feather."  

All of these things represent what has been going on in our lives recently.  

They also ask me to tell stories, which they love listening too.  A wonderful change to sitting down and reading a book!  



  1. Okay, as a play therapist, I am LOVING this post! Don't you love their little brains!?

  2. This is such a lovely activity...i can only imagine the creativity, thought and fun that was happening all day!

  3. I'm new to the site, so I apologize if this question has already been answered...do or will any of your children go to school, or do you plan to homeschool? I am wondering how to find space for play/toys, art, and school for my son. Right now we have a playroom and I have been planning on turning an extra bedroom into a "classroom" (We will be starting out with Montessori as I am a former Montessori teacher, but will also mix in other methods). Neither room is really a good or big enough space to have a good art area...but having 3 separate rooms seems excessive to me, and won't even be possible if we end up having another child. Right now our art supplies are in the kitchen but obviously that means it is a very limited space. I guess what I am wondering is as the kids get older how you will mix "academics" in with art/play, both in terms of time and space.

  4. I too love listening to my son's stories when he plays. It's so amazing what they tell and recall.


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