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Thursday, May 10, 2012

DIY Light Panel Letter Cards

I made these letter cards a few months ago when we were working on our Playing With Light Document.  I just recently offered them as an invitation because my son is typically "anti-letter".  He has been consistently playing with THIS blue alphabet puzzle, so I thought I would pull these DIY letter cards out.  It was two and a half days before he decided he would check it out and he only matched 12 letters before exclaiming "Im done".  True form, my little man, true form.  LOL  Despite it being a partial bust for us, I thought I would go ahead and write a post about it for those of you whose children are interested in learning letters through play.

- laser or ink jet printer

Photocopy letters, cut out, play!
(**You can also use regular white copy paper, photocopy the letters, laminate, and play.**)

The Invitation

Its important to play with a cow mask on your head.


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