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Friday, April 6, 2012

Telling Stories with Stickers

My girls love their books and reading/telling stories is a big part of our day.  I am always trying to incorporate different ways of doing this.  You can see some of those ideas here:

Here is one AK did on the flannel board

My oldest loves Rory's Story Cubes  She uses them all the time.  This is a great alternative for her to save what she is telling and the options are endless!  After she was done with her "sticker story" she gave it a title and we added it to her "story binder".  I will have to get pictures of these and add it to the post.  

All you need is a piece of paper and some stickers.

The stickers we used can be seen HERE

These are just stickers that we had on hand.  However, it will be great to have my daughters pick out there own stickers next time we are at the store.  :-)  

To see a videos of my girls telling a sticker story click below




  1. Do you have any parenting books that you would recommend? We're having a terrible time with our daughter who just turned 4. She goes to montessori preschool where they do a lot of 'work' like what you post. Very independent and strong willed!

  2. A personal favorite of mine is "How to talk so kids will listen, and listen so kids will talk". I love Adele Feber. Not sure if you have any other children but "Siblings without Rivalry" is wonderful by her, too. We have a whole list on our amazon book store.

  3. Such a good idea. One of the little ones I nanny will love this. Thanks!


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