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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Teacher In Me (DIY Flanel Board Story)

Im all about child-guided play, but sometimes the teacher in me comes out.  LOL  I never force an activity onto my son, though.  I have tons and tons of DIY materials that I made when I taught children with autism.  This is a fun story we would read during the Halloween season.  We would typically do this during circle time.  It was a great way to learn colors, learn facial features, encourage communication, encourage participation, and encourage socialization.  I set up the invitation for my son and I think we read the book 12 times in one sitting!  Needless to say, he loved it - particularly adding the facial features and then taking them away.  I made this years ago when I was teaching, so I dont have step by step instructions, but its pretty easy.  I just traced from the book, cut out the pieces, laminated them, and then used velcro to put it all together.  Simple and fun!



 The invitation

 starting the story with all the facial features mixed up and off the face

 adding the two big yellow eyes (as I read the story, he added the features)

 adding the nose

putting on the 2 squiggly ears


  1. I love this. This is one of my children's favorite books.

  2. I love idea of the board, my 16 months old daughter loves stickers but they have short life. Im planning on making flanel board for her with all sorts of educational things to put on, i have seen some of yours on other pictures, so I will use it as inspiration.

  3. I've done this with my daughter and other toddlers and they always love it! I haven't used the felt version, but I have a magnet version I made out of thin magnet paper. It works great on our magnet board! :)


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