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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Playing With Light Document

We have finally finished our playing with light document.  Its 59 pages long and includes:

·    Infants
·    Toddlers
·    Beyond Toddlers
·    Pictures and links to the light activities on our blog
·    Light panel invitation ideas
·    Natural light play
·    Projected light play
·    Supplies list
We hope you find inspiration and ideas within these pages.  For those of you who requested more “beyond toddler” ideas, we hope you are pleased and use what we have provided as a springboard to even more fun ways of learning through play. 
**We would love to hear your feedback on our blog.**

Total cost is $6.00

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  1. Hiya, the links in the "supplies" section of your ebook aren't working. I googled, so I got the info but I thought you might like to know :)

  2. Does this include how to make a light box and where to buy one? Thanks!

  3. yes, I would love for this to include general instructions on building a light box!

  4. Did the large translucent letters (not the construction set) come from here? http://www.discountschoolsupply.com/Product/ProductDetail.aspx?product=29090&keyword=translucent%20letters&scategoryid=0&CategorySearch=&Brand=&Price=

    Our son just got his DIY light table from momma and daddy for his second birthday. I'll post pictures soon, my husband rigged up an off-on light switch he can use to turn it on, it's pretty cool.

  5. The large ones are from here....http://www.constructiveplaythings.com/cgi-bin/s.sh/2.0/product.htm?pf_id=XX-10343

  6. None of the links in the document are working for me. The only exception is the very first link to your blog on the title page, but none of the links to posts explaining each of the PAHM activities work for me.


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