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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Garage Play

Our garage is like a second playroom.  Actually, I think we spend more time in there than in our real playroom.  Im thinking maybe all of the tools is the allure??  We do a lot of fun things in the garage.  Today, we did shaving cream play.  RLs girls joined us, too.  Good times!  Its simple sensory fun - shaving cream on the garage floor.  Clean up is easy, all you need is a hose.

Play at Home Mom only encourages people to do things they are comfortable with.  Garage floors covered in shaving cream are slippery and can be dangerous.  We encouraged our children to stay on the hands and knees or belly during this play.

He did shaving cream painting on the easel, too.

We added food coloring

This was our POST shaving cream fun.....  CLICK HERE


  1. How did you do that exercise band jumping? That would be a great activity for my daughter for therapy but not sure how to attach it to the ceiling.

  2. What fantastic fun! And people comment that i do lots of messy play with the twins...i shall have to direct them to this post lol!

  3. The roof looks like something I snowboard on but it’s fine to look at. The pit wall is terrible design though!


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