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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Glowing Reactions


Baking Soda
Yellow Highlighter
Black light

To make glow water please click HERE

Add glow water to your vinegar (It can be diluted a lot) and pour over baking soda in a black lit room.  

Glowing Vinegar

Pouring Vinegar onto baking soda

Coolest thing ever!  Pictures do not do this justice.  Just be sure to have a lot of baking soda and vinegar on hand.  They will want to do it again and again!  


Round 500  LOL  LOL


This will also work with glow powder.  However, it's much more expensive and harder to find.  We just happened to have some on hand.  Yes, this is stuff we have on hand at our house.  LOL  

Glowing reaction invitation with orange

I mixed glow powder with baking soda.  

Pouring on vinegar

"This is so cool, Mommy"

"It's all gone???"

We also did this with elephant toothpaste.  For our elephant toothpaste post click HERE

To make the "toothpaste" glow, mix glow water or glow powder with the peroxide.  

I wish I had better pictures of this but I was to busy playing!  I will update when we do it again.  

Glowing elephant toothpaste




  1. What are highlighters made out of? Are they safe? Does the highlighter stain the tub? Thanks!

  2. Wow that's really, really cool. We've been jumping into playing with glowing things lately. That is one we'll definitely be trying. Your pictures are great.

    @ http://watchmeplaynlearn.blogspot.com/

  3. Very cool but ditto Sherry. I'd be afraid of them sitting naked in the tub.

  4. where can i purchase black light online? great idea!!!

  5. I bought a black light at Walmart yesterday for $11. They also have black light bulbs you can put in a lamp.

    I am wondering how you keep your glow water from turning gross? Or do you make it and use it immediately, then throw it out? I could not get the back off the highlighter so I taped it inside my tub tip down and left it overnight.


  6. You can make an array of glowing water colors using non-toxic markers. You don't need glow powder. Read my post to see how. These markers are only a couple dollars, so I thought you would like to know :) http://growingajeweledrose.blogspot.com/2012/02/glowing-water-uses-and-how-to-make-it.html

  7. Highlighter does not stain the tub, or your child. As long as you buy non-toxic highlighter, I do believe it is safe. We have explored a lot with glow water, and have had nothing but fun. You can make an array of glow water colors too :)

  8. I believe tonic (mineral) water glows like that too.... something to do with the minerals in it..... it may not be as bright or dilutable, but I know it glows. I love all these cool kids ideas! :)

  9. Just highlighter in water will glow under a black light.. We also use them to draw things on stuff an our selves for a haunted house... After you shower you won't see the highlighter on your skin but it will still show under the black light for a while


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