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Monday, March 5, 2012

Dinosaur Discovery

It all started with THIS....

Dino egg with baby dinosaur
 ....a small dinosaur egg that my son "bought" with about 50 tickets he won playing skee-ball and a ball drop game at a local indoor play place.  He loves this thing.  I knew I had to run with it, so I made some dinosaur eggs with (Toobi) dinosaurs inside.  Here is the recipe I used:

  • 1 1/2 C dirt
  • 1 1/2 C sand
  • 1 C flour
  • 3/4 C salt
  • add water until a dough forms
  • form eggs around dinosaurs 
  • let dry for a few days (mine dried for 3 days....and could have used another day of drying)

storage container, cloud dough, rocks, sticks, container of water for a "pond", pine straw nest, dino eggs, scooper, magnifying glass, paint brush, pick, hammer

Using the hammer and pick to open the eggs

washing off the dinosaur - and his hands - LOL

He said the dinosaurs needed to stay in the nest until all of their brothers and sisters hatched.  LOL

Using the brush

Perfect timing!  I ordered my son a dinosaur egg on Thursday night.  I intended on putting it in his Easter basket, but it arrived today and since we were on a dinosaur egg roll, I let him have it. 
We had such a fun day!  

opening the egg that came in the mail

checking out the dinosaur bones



  1. Where did u buy the egg..i need that too :)

  2. i love that you said you 'had such a fun day' - I feel that way too everyday with my girls

  3. this is awesome!! can't wait to do this!!

  4. What a fun idea! My guys will love this.

  5. I've seen those eggs at the dollar store

  6. That's very clever. I don't think I've seen those eggs before.

  7. Super cute love this idea I homeschool 5 kids this is a wonderful site.

  8. Where did you order the egg from?

  9. Thinking of starting a Play at Home Mom Meetup in the Pittsburgh area...would love to know the resource for the dino egg with the bones you ordered...TOTALLY going to make the other eggs for easter!

    1. I live in pittsburgh, please let me know if you do! kde423@gmail.com

  10. I made the same thing last week for St. Patrick's day. I put plastic gold coins and shamrocks in them. Our little leprechaun has been leaving out Lucky Rocks since the beginning of the month.

  11. Looks like great fun! Where did you get the little hammer and pick?



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