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Friday, July 29, 2011

Not Just A Swing

Having taught children with autism for several years, Im very familiar with Sensory Integration.  If you look in magazines geared toward special needs children, you will see that the prices are OUTRAGEOUS!  I will never understand why its nearly unaffordable to buy things like this for the children who need access to it THE MOST (outside of therapy).  My son is a typically developing child, but sensory integration is beneficial for all children - so I had my husband build this sensory swing.
(It can be seen on the blog under DO IT YOURSELF FURNITURE)

This is a great activity to stimulate the vestibular system - and it was just down right FUN!!!  The pics speak for themselves.  SWING PAINTING.

 Since he is only two and his arms barely reached the paper, I let him just pour some paint on the paper to start (no pic of that - sorry).  For an older child, I would have paint cups out and let the child maneuver themselves to the cups and to the paper (great for gross motor skills and sensory integration).



  1. I'd love if you had a section on your blog for references. My master of education is in curriculum and development, and I taught and researched older kiddos. I don't have the ECE background and would love further reading now that I have some early childhood children :o)

  2. There is a NOTE on our FB page with some books we love listed. I will transfer it to our blog when I have more time. People were requesting Reggio books - to learn more about the philosophy that inspires us, and parenting books we love. - AK

  3. Sorry, I'd like to see the how to on this -- do you have a link to where you found it?

  4. I just made it from my head. LOL I did write a more detailed "HOW TO" here on the blog under DO IT YOURSELF (or DO IT YOURSELF FURNITURE) - its under one of those. - AK


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