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Thursday, July 28, 2011

DIY Lacing Board

I still had some peg board left over from several past projects, so I opened the tool box to see if anything inspired me.  I ended up making a lacing board.  This is a great activity for fine motor skills.  My son laced for a good half hour when it was complete.  He particularly enjoyed pulling the string OUT and watching it slither through all of the loops.  "Its like a snake", he would say. 


Things you need - Hook and Eyes, peg board, a Dremel (to cut off excess bolt), shoe laces or string

Hook and Eyes

This is the bottom of the board after I used the Dremel to cut off the excess bolt



  1. This looks easy enough. It would be so helpful to know how old your kiddos are in all of these photos. I am so excited to try these things with my little P-Nut but I always wonder if she's old enough.

  2. My son is 2.5

    If you look in our albums on Facebook, many of the pictures have their ages in the caption (Especially in the THINGS TO DO WITH INFANTS album). How old is your daughter? - AK

  3. My son will be 3 in 2 weeks and he loves all the same activities your son does! :-)

  4. My little girl had some lacing cards she enjoyed as a toddler. I wonder if something similar could be accomplished with some cardboard and shoelaces.

  5. Super ideas! Thanks so much for sharing!


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