After all our light play activities, we thought we would take you to a whole new place..... the dark.  

Yellow highlighter (other colors will work but will not give off the glow like yellow does)

Break open the yellow highlighter (I found the big ones are easiest to pop open... found a pack of 3 at the dollar store) and remove cylinder ink pad.  Soak the ink pad in water for about an hour or until it loses it's color. To break them open just squeeze the end with a pair of scissors and the back will pop off.  If you have a hard time getting them open just soak the whole highlighter in water, tip down.  It will take a little while longer but will work just as well.  You CAN dilute this quite a bit and it will still glow.  We filled a decent size tub half way up with water only using one little yellow highlighter, and I'm sure we could have diluted it more.  Off to the fun part!  Shine your black light where you will be using your glow water and watch the magic happen.  Here are a few activities that we have tried.  


Glow water and water wall

Poring glow water down water wall.

Awesome!  Watching the water flow down.

Just plain old glow water.  


YES, you may put your feet in it.

Glow in the dark water beads.  

To make these just let your clear water beads soak in glow water.  

Glow ice!  

The green ice cubes are frozen glow water and the white/blue looking ones are frozen tonic water.  

Our new glow area/materials.  Glow in the dark bubbles, glow sand, glow silly putty, moon rocks, glow water beads, glow paint, glow powder, glow water, pipe cleaners, rocks, blocks, shells, and sticks all painted in glow paint.  :-)