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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Action Songs

Someone asked us about music the other day on Facebook.  It is very much a part of our day, it's just hard to blog about I guess.  You definitely won't see me videotaping myself singing any time soon!  LOL  Here is a list of our top three action songs we enjoy.   I just started these with my 5 week old. However, my older two girls (3 years and 21 months) enjoy them just as much.  

If you click on the song title there is a link to You Tube to give you a better idea.  
For my 5 week old I just lay her on the ground in front of me while singing/playing.  

Creeping, creeping, little flea.
Up my leg and past my knee.
To my tummy, on he goes.
Past my chin and to my nose.
Now he's creeping down my chin,
To my tummy once again.
Down my leg and past my knee.
To my toe that little flea.
(Tickle child's foot)

Tony Chestnut
Knows I love you,
Tony knows, Tony knows,
Tony Chestnut
Knows I love you,
That's what Tony knows.

While singing, point to
different parts of your body, like this:

Toe knee chest nut (head)
Nose eye
Love (heart)
You (point to others)
Toe knee nose
Toe knee nose
Toe knee chest nut (head)
Nose eye
Love (heart)
You (point to others)
That's what toe knee nose.

The Grand old Duke of York,
He had ten thousand men.
He marched them up the hill,
And marched them down again.
And when you're up, you're up;

And when you're down, you're down.

And when you're only halfway up,
You're neither up nor down!

He marched them to the left,
And he marched them to the right
Then you turn them upside down.
Oh what a silly sight!


1 comment:

  1. I love the Tony song! I know the other 2. Here's another one that we learned at camp that is a fun action one, similar to Tony.
    O, Chester, did you 'ear about Harry?
    He chest got back from the army.
    I 'ear he knows how to wear a rose,
    Hip, hip, hooray for the army!
    Tune: Yankee Doodle.
    Then you sing it faster and faster! I love these kinds of songs and so do the kids!


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