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Friday, November 25, 2011

A Sweet Thank You

Yesterday we were invited to RLs house for Thanksgiving dinner and we are very grateful.  

 My son and RLs girls....ready to eat!

In an effort to show our gratitude I asked my son if he would like to make something for their family to say THANK YOU.  He suggested making some "Chocolate Fish".  Unfortunately we didn't have the ingredients to make them so I suggested something we call "White Trash".  This stuff is soooooooo good and makes a great treat to give at Christmas.

 Things you need - Golden Grahams, 1 box raisins, 1 bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips, powdered sugar (we used half the bag), peanut butter (we used half the jar), and 1 stick of butter (not pictured here)

 Put 1 stick of butter into pot and melt

 Pour in bag of chocolate chips

 add peanut butter....stir all until melted and smooth

 Pour Golden Grahams into a separate (LARGE) bowl

 pour in raisins

 Pour powdered sugar into a CLEAN trash bag

 pour melted mixture into bowl  and mix until cereal and raisins are coated

 make sure you blow on the powdered sugar and watch it fly around in the air....LOL

 pour cereal into trash bag, tie bag closed, and SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE

 pour into bowl and try it to make sure its not poisoned.  LOL

RL - Get ready, yall have some White Trash coming your way!!

- AK


  1. Like this idea, but would offer one suggestion... I don't think garbage bags are made of food-grade plastic, so maybe a ziploc would be a better idea? I get the "trash" part -- but you gotta be safe. Can't wait to try this!


  2. This is almost how we make People Puppy Chow (uses Chex instead of Golden Grahams and raisins), only we use a brown paper grocery bag instead. Yum!

  3. What are chocolate fish is what I'd like to know! :D

  4. We call this (minus the raisins and with just about any chunky cereal) puppy chow. No butter, either.

    Amazingly good, and very quickly gone. I normally just dump the powdered sugar on top of the chocolate/cereal mess in the bowl though. Doesn't come out as 'pretty' but I normally don't have any bags large enough that I consider safe :)

  5. I knew some people would be uncomfortable with the garbage bag. Its just not something I worry about as it was only in the bag for about 20 second...if that. Another option would be a paper bag. - AK


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