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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Melon Balls... An Edible Sensory Bin.

My youngest LOVES to play with fruit.  She would much rather smoosh it into tiny pieces than stick it in her mouth.  Her older two siblings are both huge fruit lovers so this is all sort of new to me.  I hand her a blueberry, she crushes it with her index finer.  I hand her a piece of watermelon, she squeezes it with her hand.  It really is quite comical.  I thought it would be interesting to see what she did with it if I presented it in a different way.  

This is also my back-up water bead solution.  LOL  I haven't been able to find water beads in Walmart (where I usually get them) in forever!!  Ugh.  It does work as a wonderful alternative for those of you that are concerned with water beads.  

The Invitation

I put out a few cups from the dollar store since she loves sorting/dumping/pouring.

On the white paper is a spoon, a couple different skewers, and a few straws cut in different sizes.  

For the fruit I used a mellon baller on watermelon, cantaloupe, and honey dew.  

Close up of fruit

Of course she had to smell it first.  Hmmmmmm is this food?  

"Ball"  "Ball" "Ball"  "Ball"  

I'm sure I heard that with excitement about 50 times.  LOL  

Trying out the spoon. 

I love the way she thinks.  :-)  

She was having a hard time scooping with the spoon so she turned it around to try and stab at the fruit.  

Got one!  

Finally a taste test!  

Trying out a skewer
She really enjoyed the texture and shape of these.  She actually ended up eating quite a few... and smashing none.  Go figure!   

The left over fruit was devoured by my older two after she was finished playing.  



  1. Really cute. I'm sure my daughters would love this, they rather eat fruit and veggies over anything else.

  2. Love it !!
    Gotta start trying more with my one year old...
    any more ideas ?
    thanks for all of those great suggestions

  3. This is a fantastic idea!!! Also I get my dries water beads (not swollen already) at JoAnn's... I wait for a good coupon to use, but they're usually in the flower arranging section in a teeny tiny baggie :D... Thanks for the idea!


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