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Saturday, October 27, 2012

20 Gift Ideas - 1 year olds

Click on the link below each picture to find out where to purchase.  

1.  Magnetic Shapes 

2.  Puppets/Masks

3.  Musical instruments

4.  Step 2 car

This is just one version.  I know they have some out now with cup holders on the handle for mom and dad, too!  I believe I saw them in the toys-r-us catalog.  

5.  Play Tunnel

I cannot find this exact tunnel online but I would recommend a Pacific Play Tent product. They are great quality!  

6.  Magnet Board

This is a homemade board (framed sheet metal) but you can get your own at many different places... Michaels, Target, Walmart, etc.  

7.  Ball Drop

Or make your own with a gutter.  :-) 

8.  Jumbo Resource Animals

There are a ton of different sets... we personally have the farm animals, jungle animals, and dinosaurs.  They all are awesome!  One of our most used toys.  

9.  Cars/Trucks

Can't go wrong with cars and trucks. 

10.  Bubbles

We personally like Gazillion Bubbles. 

Click links below for bubble machines we have tried and love.  

11.  Light Panel/Box

We have the light panel from constructive playthings.  They also have them here...

Or you could make your own...

12.  Blocks

Many different types of blocks can be seen here...

and here... 

be sure to go through all the pages.  

13.  Swing

We purchased the swing pictured at Walmart but you can purchase many different swing attachments from various places.  

14.  Sensory Table/Bin

Or you can make your own...

15.  Sand box

This was homemade but you can buy sand boxes at varies locations.  

16.  Ball Pit (Baby Pool) and Balls

17.  Play-doh

18.  Paint

We always buy our paint here...

19.  Books

Be sure to hit next...

20.  Puzzles

If you scroll through here there are a lot of recommended puzzles...

Up next: 2 year olds!  


  1. Perfect - thanks my son will be 11 months at Christmas so we only have one month after that till 1st birthday.

  2. I was just saying that I didn't know what to get my daughter for her birthday (Dec. 8) or Christmas, since she's the 2nd child so we have age appropriate toys already. Now I know. Thank you!

  3. An easy and inexpensive magnet board is an oil drip pan from an automotive store. The edges are rounded and its big enough for multiple children to play.

  4. There are so many great ideas here - thank you! I'm looking forward to the two year olds post as well. The gutter ball drop would be awesome for both age groups. :)

  5. Great ideas! Can you tell me how the magnetic shapes were made? Thanks! :-)

  6. Thank you for the list...this is a great list! My son is just about to turn 1 so this helps alot!!

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