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Friday, February 3, 2012

A Child's Perspective

My daugher LOVES to take pictures. Seriously. Which is one reason I'm incredibly greatful for digital pictures. She has been taking pictures with my camera and phone for years...and she's only 3. Ok, so maybe for 1.5 years. Still. She loves to take pictures.

She usually takes multiple pictures. And sometimes they're quite funny.

Other times they peek my curiosity: What is it she's seeing? What is she thinking? What is she trying to capture?


After a recent shopping trip I flipped through the pictures and found these:

 I was a little taken aback by these; walking away, distracted. I wanted to delete them even though I remember having quite a good time laughing and playing with her on this excursion. But still, it struck me in that odd sort of way certain things do. What does she think when she sees me do this?

I try to remember that viewing life from her perspective not only means seeing the world through her eyes, but also through her experiences and emotions. And in reality I can only see so much, and for everything else I can only be curious; and I am really curious!



It really struck me: this is how my daughter sees the world and the things around her; it is how she sees me. It seems so obvious, really. But there was something about these pictures that really brought her perspective clearly into my vision...literally. I am in awe of her ability to create in me such a strong sense of self reflection. Going back through my pictures more thoroughly I discovered something I already knew...I love her perspective. I love that I am suddenly more aware of her perspective in a way that is all at once surreal, ethereal, and grounded, all at the same time. A perspective different from my own. I love that she has this wonderful interest in capturing the world as she sees it. And that she wants to share it with me.

How do your children uniquely see the world?

Note: Addi takes a lot of pictures. She's still honing her skills. Lest you think she's a child prodigy, here are some of her other pictures!




  1. This is one of my favorite things to do as well. In some of our classrooms this year, there are galleries of photos taken by the children. Some of the children have begun to think of themselves as expert photographers talking about why they took the pictures but also how. So much to explore on so many levels.

  2. I love this post and this idea! What wonderful photos you've gotten from it!

  3. My Peanut has a Leapster Explorer and her aunt bought the little camera device you plug into it. I LOVE seeing all the things Peanut decides it important enough to photograph.
    We have printed a few of the pictures and put on the wall by her art/creation center.

  4. We received the Fisher-Price child's digital camera for a gift. I can't get Bobo to believe it's a REAL camera. Like your little one, he's been using my phone and camera for years where the picture shows up instantly. The FB viewfinder is so small, you can't see the picture well. He takes great portraits of mama and daddy, which is one of the only ways we have photos of ourselves b/c we are too busy capturing his cuteness.

  5. Thanks for posting this. I have been thinking about how my kids see me these days. I don't like it. Time to change it up.

  6. My daughter loves to take pictures using my phone. One day she took three pictures that looked like an examination of textures-the linen like lampshade, a couch cushion, and a blanket--very artsy; usually blurry shots and unflattering angles of me though LOL
    I love what you say about the photos helping us see their perspective.

  7. I'm wondering if u could do the same thing with a regular air mattress, it seems like it would be a lot easier and also much stronger!


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