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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Mirror Exploration

A huge part of the Reggio Emilia style (which we try to emulate in our homes) is “The Environment” as the third teacher.  You can see our “Environments” HERE.   We try to make our children’s spaces inspiring and one of our elements is the use of mirrors.  Mirrors spread light in a room and add light to dark corners. 

RLs art corner

Using smaller mirrors in interesting ways can make a space festive and interesting. 

AKs playroom

Mirrors are not only in and around their playrooms, reflecting light in multiple dimensions, but we also incorporate them in other ways.  They are a unique added element to play and they also support the child’s construction of his/her self-image in the play environment.

Face Painting

Face Painting

AKs dress up/dramatic play area

“Our task, regarding creativity, is to help children climb their own mountain, as high as possible.” – Loris Malaguzzi

There is something alluring about mirrors, particularly to children.  They mirror whatever is in front them, they make letters look funny, they bounce sunlight off of them, and when combined with other mirrors in exploration, they reflect reflections infinitely.  Want to get your child exploring?  Incorporate a mirror.

Exploring things from the natural environment with light and a mirror



water beads

writing in black sand on a mirror

adding dimension to building

creating with clay on top of a mirror

Using a mirror as a paint surface

Building on mirror table


The light exploration mirrors below cost $140.00!!  Here is an easy and simple way to make your own.

Mirror Exploration Station

Acrylic Mirror Trays - Set of 6

6 pack of acrylic mirrors.  Click on the picture for a direct link.  Total cost is below 20.00  It only takes 4 mirrors to make, leaving you with 2 extra mirrors for play!  

RLs mirror station

RL used duct tape to connect her mirrors

Leave a small space in between mirrors if you want to fold it up.  If you want it a little bit taller you can turn them the other way and tape 3 mirrors across the back with one on each side.

folded and ready to store

1x1 mirrors from Home Depot (these are breakable)   AK used packaging tape to connect hers.

AKs folds for easy storage as well



  1. Hi, could you tell me more about the 'mirror table?' Is it heavy duty Al foil? And, what are those clear blocks or boxes? Where did you find them?


  2. We used this on the mirror table... http://www.ebay.com/itm/BRIGHT-MIRROR-CHROME-VINYL-SHEET-ROLL-decal-25-WIDE-/380118727937?hash=item5880d77d01&item=380118727937&pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&vxp=mtr#ht_1373wt_1015

    The blocks are rainbow crystal cubes from Constructive playthings.

  3. I so, so love your posts about incorporating sensory play into activities for kids!!! You are my new hero. :)


  4. Thank you for the new ideas that incorporate mirrors. My daughter has a severe cortical vision impairment (CVI) and mirrors, light and reflection really catch her attention so I am always happy to find new things to try!

  5. Thank you, Ladies.

    ButterflyEffect - Happy to inspire. :)

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Thank you for the post...I love this! You can get a 4 pack of 11 3/4 x 11 3/4 mirrors at Ikea for $9.99. But they are real and breakable. Do the acrylic mirrors hold up well or get scratched easily? Thanks!


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