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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Masking Tape Paintings

Let me start off by saying I apologize for the crazy hair and pajamas!  The girls typically go right for their art supplies in the morning so I had this invitation set out for them.  I must also say that my 21M old is a girl, I promise.  LOL  LOL  She chooses all her own clothes. As you can clearly see in my posts greens and blues are her favorite.  

Paint brushes, paint, masking tape (you can also use painters tape), scissors (my oldest prefers to cut her tape), and paper.  We used white construction paper but anything will work.  

This project is so easy and fun!  Just place the tape on the paper, paint, let dry, and peel off.  

My 21M old loved the tape part of this.  

Carefully making her snowflake.  :-) 

She was getting frustrated a bit with the tape so I placed a bunch of pieces on the end of the table.  

My oldest... always willing to give a helping hand.  

Ready to paint!  

Mine is on the left, 3 year old in the middle, and 21M old on the right.

The painting begins.  

My 21M old lost interest when it came to the painting part.  She thought drawing on herself with markers was much more fun. 

My oldest asked if she could paint mine.  She ended up painting her sister's, too.  My girls are complete opposites in this sense.  My oldest could paint and draw all day.  

21M old decided to do her own thing.  

She joined us again when it came to the cleaning.  I think this is her favorite part.  

"Mommy, I'm going to ask Santa for some more wipes."  LOL!  




  1. The left is my favorite painting! Kind of looks like an abstract Christmas tree!

  2. So fun! My girls love to paint but we have never tried this. What are the jars you used for paint?

  3. This is so fun. My son is in Kindergarten and he wanted to make some of his sight words from school so we cut different sized tape and he put together the word "THE" and painted it. He was so proud of himself. I figured we would just have a big pile of tape but he knew exactly what he wanted to make.

  4. Super fun idea. Don't worry about what color your little one wears! My 4 year old just picked out a set of Batman and Superman PJs. She wears them proudly with a sparkly silver tutu. We call her our Princess Tomboy.

  5. I too absolutely love the orange and purple painting! So great to have a process like this that can go anywhere - what good fun :) We'll give it a go tomoro I think....

  6. What a great idea! What kind of paint are you using?


  7. I love so many of ur ideas! My daughter is only 10 months, and u post fun stuff for her age too but I swear I book mark so much of your stuff for the future.. I should start printing and add them to an idea book for the future! Lol! Thanks i

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