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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Glow and Seek

My oldest LOVES playing hide and seek lately.  There are only so many places you can hide in our house.  It was starting to get a little old!  LOL  I set this up for my two older girls and I can't even tell you how many games we played.  So much fun!  

All you need are some things that glow in the dark.  We used luminary balloons, glow bracelets, glow necklaces,  glow sticks, and submergible lights.  I purchased the balloons and submergible lights at Walmart and the glow bracelets, etc. at the Dollar Tree.  

"Hide" your objects around the room and let the fun begin. 

Pictures do not do this justice!  

Our first round!  

Girls searching for their glowing treasures.

They decided to put the collected ones in the middle of the playroom.  

"I found four balloons!"

My oldest wanted to take a turn at hiding them.  When I came in the room to find them she kept saying "You'll never find this one in here"... while taking it out of it's hiding spot.  Too funny!  

Their collection.  

The glow necklaces then went on the front porch for Santa's Reindeer.  :-)  

If you freeze the glow sticks after use they will last several days.  Also, I noticed that the glow sticks from Michaels Craft Store and Target are not as good of quality as the ones from Dollar Tree.



  1. You guys are so inspiring. Thanks for the great ideas. I love you blog.

    Veronica @ http://watchmeplaynlearn.blogspot.com

  2. This is a great idea! The kids received glow bracelets in their stockings and had a dance party in front of a big mirror tonight... but hiding them is also a fun idea. Our house is very limited on hiding spots as well, so I hear you there! Plus, this eliminates the fear that my 3 year old's big brother (10) will jump out of a hiding spot to scare her... it's just hard for a big brother to resist sometimes! :)

  3. One of our girls favourite games :-)

  4. What section of walmart do you find the submergible lights and balloons?

  5. I'm a little confused about the balloons...what exactly are they called? Do you blow them up, and they somehow glow, or do they contain some kind of LED? Have you seen them anywhere besides walmart?

  6. Submergible lights can be found in the floral section in walmart.... next to the water beads! The balloons can be found in the party section. I think they are called lumi loons?? You can either get 5 or 15 in a pack. They have a little light inside. Before blowing them up you pull a little string that sets the light off. Another option is just to stick a glow stick inside the balloon. It will light the balloon up as well. However, the lumi loons effect is MUCH better! Sometimes they have them out for special holidays. I first discovered them when they had them out in the Halloween section. After Halloween they were all 50% off! I have yet to find them anywhere else. I even searched online direct for the company.


  7. This was SUCH a fun idea! Thanks! We had a great time playing it on New Years Eve. :) I posted our picture, with a link to your post. Thanks again!

  8. would love to connect with you regarding ideas to work together! I have a blog www.lil-sugar.ca and would love it if you could email me at inf@lil-sugar.ca you are doing an amazing and entertaining job!! (Meri)

  9. This is awesome! I've seen these in the store all the time. I'm at the Dollar Tree tomorrow!


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