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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Candy Stores and Sledding

I have some glass candy that I put out as decoration during Christmas and my son has been exploring and playing with them every day.  As I was cleaning up the kitchen a bit he was upstairs in his playroom playing and I came up to this.....

  • Wow, what did you make?
  • Its a candy shop, Mommy....and it snowed outside so the people have to eat candy.  They all have one piece.  This one is blueberry, this one is...hmmmmm...maybe spicy, this one is strawberry, and this one is lemon.
  • I see.  They sure are lucky to have that candy.
  • Yeah....they are.  Mommy, would you like a piece of candy?
  • I sure would.  [he hands me a piece]  Thank you.  That was very thoughtful.
  • You're welcome, Mommy.
 [continues to play]

Building more of the "candy shop"

"Look, Mommy, she is sledding!"

 "She needs a snow hill so she can go super fast"

[out comes the rain gutter]
He added the poly pellets to the gutter to make it a snowy hill.  Then he had his playmobil people sledding on magna tiles.

 He put the boys arms up in the air as if he were on a roller coaster.  LOL  (love that detail)

 Then we made our own sled for the people.  I LOVE how he was being imaginative with the magna tiles at first and then asked if we could make a "real" sled.

 ...and they sledded down the hill

 After all of the sledding fun, he spent a good deal of time just playing in the snow bin making tracks with the sled.




  1. that looks fabulous and fun! my question is...how do you keep your kids from picking up the snow and throwing it everywhere? i have 4 little boys and I think that would be the first thing they think of.....i really want to know!

  2. Gutters are awesome. I used to teach at a wonderful play-based (since the fifties) nursery school where we had almost-all-weather outdoor play, the kids could come and go inside and out as they pleased (we had teachers in both places always), and a very old-fashioned but well designed climbing structure in a sand area. On hot days, we ran the hose into the sand, and the gutter became a "chocolate factory" or "cement works" or whatever as kids poured wet sand down it. When it was too chilly for running water, it was a ball track, a car track, nearly anything else that might need gravity in a contained slope. Gutters are awesome.

  3. I loved how he put up the boy's arms too, that looked like such fun.

    For Seriously's question, when I worked in a daycare, I would put out sand writing and messy centers. The first thing to do is to establish ground rules by sitting down with them and explaining what is okay, and what will cause them to loose the privilege of that center. They really do enjoy this kind of play. However, they will try your rules to see if you mean it. Keep an eye on them at first. It really only takes one or two times of losing that fun game for them to take your rules seriously.

    Don't be afraid to try messy fun. Kids will follow the rules and keep things clean as long as you are firm and consistent on your expectations.

    Happy playing.

  4. I am in love with your site and I love sharing these ideas at our co-op preschool. What is it that you're using for the snow pellets? Where did you pick it up or order it? Thanks!

  5. Seriously -

    Throwing things can be age-appropriate...depending on the child. I wouldn't stifle a child's urge to throw, but I would guide them to throw it in an appropriate way....and if a few spill, no big deal. Try modeling an acceptable way to throw them...."if you would like to throw them, you may throw them into the container" (and then model a gentle toss so they see what you are expecting). If that is not an option for you, then you can redirect by telling them "I know throwing them is so fun, but the pellets stay in the bin"...and then show them and tell them all of the things they CAN do with them. Children are very impulsive, so keep in mind that their urge to throw may be stronger than your request not to. So give lots of chances and lots of guidance. Be fully present in the beginning so you can guide them to play successfully...and even if you leave, remember that they make mistakes. Im not one to take away an activity because a child may lack impulse control. I would rather just continue to guide until they get it right.

    In addition...if they make a mess....encourage them to clean it up. I never minded messes when I was a teacher, because messes can be cleaned up.

  6. Colleen - They are Poly-Fil pellets. You can find them in a bag in Walmart near the sewing supplies. They are used to stuff bean bags, dolls, etc. (There is a pic of the bag on our FB page). - AK

  7. sorry, I have to ask something off-topic... what was the blood splatter in the kitchen?

  8. SO ADORABLE!!! Hope your thumb is better.

  9. hello.. i just want to write how i follow your blog and get amazed by your wonderful ideas. :) keep them coming!

  10. THANK YOU ALL!! :)

    Stefany - I cut my thumb off in the kitchen earlier that day. (I deleted that part....it seemed to be freaking some people out). LOL

  11. I am a new fan. I'm also a new grandmother and will be doing daycare for my grandson so look forward to using many of your tips!

    You have a lovely site.

  12. omg... I can see some people would be freaking out... but wow. Hope you were able to reattach it :)

  13. I love the ideas on your blog! The light up table seems to really make the come alive-- where can I find one like it?

  14. Mrs Hale - We bought ours at Constructive Playthings (online). Its the Ultra thin portable light panel. You can find more options under PRODUCTS WE LOVE on our blog...and there are some DIY light tables on our Pinterest page - Play at Home Mom 3


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