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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Candy Canes and Snowflakes

My students loved these when I taught pre-k.  Its a little more "guided" than some of our other activities...but there can be guidance without a right or wrong way, which is important to remember.  I presented the invitation, explained what it was, and then let my son take the lead.  This activity is a true test of fine motor skills for a toddler.....and patience, and persistence, and emotional regulation, etc etc etc.  Ha ha ha ha!

Things you need:
  • beads
  • wire OR pipe cleaners


wire, pipe cleaners, beads

 My son ASKED me to help him with this one....just with the color part.  I asked him what colors he would like to use and he said red and white (which became clear because we didn't have white).  We had a lot of dialogue back and forth during this process.  A lot of "What color is next, Mommy?" and "Hmmm, let's see.  Can you tell me what colors you have already and maybe we can figure it out together".  GREAT for patterning!!

 stringing the beads - fine motor skills in action

 candy canes....all done and ready to hang on the tree

Another option is to super glue a pin like this on the back of the candy cane and give as a gift.  This is what most of my students would choose to do when I was teaching.


For the snowflakes my son cut a pipe cleaner into four pieces and then used 3 of those pieces to make the skeleton of the snowflake (sorry for the lack of pics).  I made the skeleton for him.

stringing beads onto snowflake....he chose whatever colors he wanted and didn't ask me for any help

 I used fishing line to hang, and wire cutters to turn in the tips of each arm of the snowflake

Finished product

[Another ornament or pin you can make with these materials - Christmas wreaths]



  1. HAHAH we used to make tons of these when I was little, it was already on my list of things to do with my girls, but I loved your pics! Thanks for all the fabulous ideas.

  2. Love these! Also, it makes me giggle that your son had no clothes on as I can't seem to get my 4 year old to wear any either and all of my pictures look just like yours haha. Thanks for sharing this project!


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