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Friday, September 9, 2011


We did not measure any of this.  Just threw some popcorn kernels in ziploc bags and the girls squirted in some tempura paint.  We mixed it up and laid it out on wax paper to dry.  

I set up this invitation later on in the day.  I put the corn in plastic cups and some on a paper plate.  I added glue, glitter, paper, markers, tin baking pan, and some little cups.  This was set up for my 18 month old and my THREE year old.  We had a birthday this week!  :-)  I figured my oldest would want to do some arts and crafts with it and my youngest would want to dump and pour.  As you will see... I was completely wrong!  LOL  

Oldest checking things out.

18M old went for the glue/paper/glitter

Oldest wanted to "make drinks"

The girls have their cousin visiting from out of town who joined in on the action.  He is 7M old.  



  1. I love your ideas. The question I have is how do you keep the younger kids from putting them in their mouth. My 1 year old loves to eat sand and mud and just about anything else. Do you have any suggestions?

  2. Love this! I've seen it done with rice too!


  3. What a great idea to color corn! I've done they typical pasta and rice, and have some navy beans to try, but hadn't thought about corn kernels. I might see if I can incorporate them into a Halloween project!

    It is funny how they go about things differently then we thought they would. I recently put out a huge basket of various sized tinsely pom-poms for my almost 3 y/o. She surprised me by Making "families" with them. She sorted them all by color, and the biggest ones were the mommies and daddies, and the little ones were their babies. She almost never plays with dolls or even little people - but I guess you don't need them when you have pom-pom families!

  4. Very interesting idea thank you! Will try it this week! Can I also use food colouring?

  5. I agree with another commenter, I cannot keep my 18 month old from eating crafts. He eats finger paint, crayon, chalk. Everything goes in his mouth and none of it is used purposefully.

  6. do you soak the tempra paint in the corn, for how long, does it take about a day to dry???, ive done pasta and rice with rubbing alcohol and food dye.

  7. You just put enough paint in the bag to cover them. They do not need to sit. They didn't take long to dry. Maybe a couple hours?? I had them outside, though. RL


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