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Monday, July 18, 2011

Learning through pictures

I take A LOT of pictures in this house!  They are a very important part of play for us...they are one of the best "toys" we have.

I come from a big family and they all live far away.  I keep a picture frame in the playroom with family and friends that are close to us.  If someone is coming to visit we point them out and talk about it ahead of time.  I always like to give them a visual. We use this frame a lot when they receive gifts as well.  I show them who gave it to them and usually tell them a little story about how we know them etc.  

I make a lot of story books for big adventures that we have.  Here is a recent one I made from our trip to NY.  Both my daughters love these books.  The conversations that go on while flipping through these are wonderful.  I got the photo album at the dollar store.  They could look at these all day!  They are also great for car trips. 

Emotional Intelligence and feelings....  I made these picture cards for my youngest and we use them probably every day.  I did this for my oldest as well and she loved them.  It is a laminated 5 x 7 picture with velcro tape on the back.  We have them up on the felt board here.  Some of the emotions/feelings we are woking on right now.
Top picture - More mommy time  
Middle left - Loving
Middle middle - Sad/angry  
Middle right - More daddy time  
Bottom left - Happy/excited  
Bottom middle - Tired/Sleepy  
Bottom right - Hungry!  (LOL)

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