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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Homemade Playdough

Homemade Playdough
1 c. flour
1/2 cup salt
1 T. cooking oil
1 T. cream of tartar
1 c. water
Food coloring of your choice... or throw in a kool-aid packet.
Add-ins of your choice (i.e. spices, extracts, glitter, etc.)

Mix dry ingredients. Add wet ingredients and mix. Add to a pan (I just used a non-stick deep frying pan) and cook over medium-low heat. Stir constantly until dough forms into a ball and isn't wet anymore. This took maybe 2 minutes?? It may sound like a pain in the butt but it was super easy. Take dough out after you have your ball (it will obviously be a little warm) and knead for a minute or two.


  1. This us the recipe (same source) I used all year as the play doh Mom at my daughters preschool last year. I made at least 4 colors a week. Some fun variations included adding glitter and using those flavorings typically used in candy making, the fragrances were nearly endless. We even made peppermint and watermelon scented. Also if you use paste/gel colors, you can get great results-did you know you can buy flesh colored food coloring?

  2. I use the same recipe but make a lot more...
    3c flour
    1 1/2 c salt
    2 TBS cream of tartar
    3 T cooking oil
    3 c water
    I always scent/color it up and cannot stand the smell of store bought play dough anymore

  3. I add a tsp of glycerine instead of the cooking oil and it gives a beautiful sheen and a little bit of extra elasticity!

    I also add my food colour to the water, rather then knead it through. Much easier and gives a more even colour distribution! :-)

  4. The tiny little kool-aid packets (~$0.30) work really well to add colour AND scent to play doh. That is what we use.

  5. Thank you so much for posting! I've never made play dough before - it turned out wonderful and easy to make! Gonna have some fun with my baby boy! I used kool-aids and it worked just fine!

  6. Would this be okay to use with a 14 month old? She has gotten pretty good about not putting things in the mouth (except if it might seem gum friendly for her teething).

  7. Will this recipe glow? One way to find out. Need a black light.
    Hubby is making my light box next week...I can't wait....I am on hols at present children start back 1.10.12.
    I have red and yellow water beads, light paddles, coloured containers, mirrors, etc. Can't wait to try it out. I know who the kid is!

  8. How long does this keep for? Is it better to keep in the fridge? MIL was over, said she used to make it for her kids, and I found in back in my fridge at the end of the evening (??).

    Thanks for the recipe, it turned out great!

  9. We use the same recipe and LOVE it!! I have been making a batch each week to share with our church nursery kids and my daughter (2-1/2 yo) and I love experimenting with different colors and add-ins. So much fun!!

  10. What is a T? Is it a tbsp or tsp?

  11. Instead of just a cup of plain water- can you use a cup of glow water? will that make it glow in the dark?

  12. This sounds absolutely great, but I have a quick question: if this stuff is edible (I mean, as in non-toxic, not as in "gobble it all up" :)) then what happens when the kid comes across commercial play-dough recipies? Sorry for what might sound a stupid question, but I am just a paranoid father-to-be :)

    1. All the ingredients are edible, so it shouldn't be a problem if somebody decided to taste it (not that it will taste good with all that salt anyways).

    2. We definitely dont "promote" eating commercial play doh, but we can tell you from experience that it does not hurt them if they manage to ingest a bit. ;)

      Its also a great opportunity to connect with the child through play, explain that this play doh is only for play and needs to stay out of the mouth (to some extent, anyway), and them empathize and validate feelings if they get frustrated.

  13. This is my favourite way to make playdough. I like the way the food colouring or Koolaid mix with the water first. And it makes awesome playdough.
    Janis www.janiscox.com

  14. Storing in baggies will add greatly to the life of the dough. The large amount of salt will prevent much in the way of mold and bacteria; but refrigeration will extend the life. I'd suggest allowing it to warm to room temperature before using, though; cold play dough is not as nice to handle (unless it's a hot day!)


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