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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

For The Love of Rocks (an early literacy adventure)

Im not one to worry about letters and numbers (especially at age 2), and I would never "force" learning - but if a teachable moment presents itself during child guided play - then, why not?!  :) 

In true child-like form, my son LOVES rocks!  We throw them, skip them, catch them, splash them, and yes - learn with them.  He initiated this activity this morning.  It began as simple play:  lining up the rocks, making "tracks" with the Agate slices, and forming shapes.  I sat beside him, initially observing quietly and then tracking his play from time to time.  During a struggle to fit ALL of the rocks into his circle, he invited me to play with a - "Mommy, I need some help".  After creating the circle, I casually mentioned that it also resembled the letter 'O'.  He immediately swished my letter 'O' into oblivion and then asked "where did your letter O go?" - with a giggle.  Ah.....a game!!  We spent the next half hour creating letters from rocks and then swishing them away - always followed by a "where did your letter __ go" and a "do another one, Mommy" (with lots of laughs).  I also started adding his light table letters as comparison.  What a fun game!  Its amazing what simple play can lead to. 

- AK

 This was his initial play.  Making "tracks", lines, shapes, etc.

 He said my chai needed to be in the middles - so he could "see what it looks like in the rocks".  LOL
 Letter I
 Letter O
Letter P

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