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Monday, July 25, 2011

Advanced Squishy Bag

This is a great activity for older children with better dexterity than a 2 year old.  My son helped me make it, but he didn't really play with it.  I have used it with students in the past and just wanted to share it with all of you.  

You don't need a light table for this activity - you can just add items to the bag that accomplish the goal you are looking to attain.  I used the light table - because its awesome!  LOL  Its pretty multisensory, and for one of my former students it was very calming - hence a great teaching tool for him.

You place objects in the bag and have the child push the matching objects together.  Here are some ways you can use it:
  • matching (colors, letters, numbers, etc)
  • color recognition
  • upper case to lower case letters
  • beginning sounds (seen here)

Clear Hair Gel
Quart size Ziploc bag

 I used translucent letters and shapes that have the corresponding beginning sound

 Hair Gel (dollar store)

 My 2 year old helped me make the bag.  

 Adding the objects to the bag

 Objects in bag and on light panel

 All matched up


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