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Thursday, June 16, 2011


We are always looking for fun new ways to put a spin on something we have already tried - and loved.  Today we (AK and RL) filled balloons with the street paint concoction and let our children "paint with a splat".  It was a bit of a learning experience as the larger balloons were difficult to pop - but all in all, it was fun.

Things you need - balloons (small), water, corn starch, food coloring, squirt bottles, and two children in underwear - LOL.  (We really DO dress our children, they just dont seem to stay that way! LOL)

Fill the squirt bottles with the street paint mixture, blow the balloons up and quickly attach the balloon to the squirt bottles (pinching tight so the air does not leak), squirt in the mixture and tie off the balloon.

Things we might do differently next time - have a lot of them already made and let the children do a few themselves.  They really enjoyed the process, but were anxious to get to the balloon throwing.


Adding water to the corn starch
pouring into the squirt bottles
adding color to the corn starch and water
filling a balloon
Its GO time!
Trying to pop a big one - boy were they stubborn!



  1. LOL I Love the picture of your daughter laying on the balloon to pop it! Funny! There must be days when your neighbours must wonder what you guys are up to!! LOL

  2. Looks so fun! Do you have a link to your street paint recipe?

  3. Its equal parts water + corn starch.....then add food coloring.

  4. Wow! I live in Japan and everything is neat and tidey. Then there is our house where the driveway is always brightly colored with hearts and smiley faces. I always wonder what they think of our crazy little house, with our crazy little people. Anywho... my crazy little people will love this. Marking this for spring!!!

  5. Just ran across your site on pinterest & you have an instant fan!. Will be following.

  6. did it wash away okay or did the food color stain the sidewalk?

  7. My husband just asked the same question as Anne. How did it clean up. He always sees me with stained fingers after using food coloring. GREAT idea! Can't wait for spring!

    1. It washed right off for us, but we have had reports of staining from some of our readers. Temporary staining, that is - not permanent. AK

  8. I think our daughters might be cosmic twins, they look SO MUCH alike! I can't wait to try this!

  9. AWESOME IDEA! I love all of your ideas, you must have the happiest kids ever! You have given me tons of inspiration to use for my daycare!

  10. I wonder if water balloons would bust easier? Can't wait to give this a try!

  11. I have a litte 21 month old grandson. Can't wait to do this with him!

  12. Love this idea! The photos aren't working for me (says invalid URL), so I can't tell the proportions. Can you give a recipe?

  13. Did I miss the exact recipe for the paint?? Thanks! Boy b'day party idea!!


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