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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Silly Putty

Equal parts of liquid laundry starch and school glue.

SLOWLY mix starch in with glue... the more you handle it the better it will be.  

If the mixture is too sticky, add more starch. If it is too stringy, add more glue.

Add a bit of color using food coloring.  It's best to add this in first with the glue so it permeates.

This can also be stored and saved in a plastic ziploc bag for up to 2-4 weeks depending on your use. 

Such a fun substance to work with and so much you can do!

We found our liquid starch in the laundry section of Walmart.  It looks like THIS

This is one we do ALOT!

Homemade silly putty

                                           Blowing bubbles
To blow bubbles in the silly putting, place a straw in the putty and blow!  

"I need to put a cast on, I broke my arm"

Fun with letters.  Making an R

Making Pizza

To see how to make your silly putty glow in the dark, click on the link below...


  1. While looking for liquid starch I stumbled upon this recipe that makes it even better, IMHO:

    What You'll Need:

    1 Tbs. cornstarch

    1/4 cup cold water

    3 3/4 cup tap water

    2-3 drops of fragrant essential oil or lemon juice (optional)

    Mix It Up:

    Bring 3/4 cup tap water to a rolling boil.

    While waiting for water to boil, mix the tablespoon of cornstarch into cold water. Stir constantly until cornstarch is completely dissolved.

    Once water boils, slowly stir in cornstarch mixture.

    If using essential oil or lemon juice, add to mixture and continue to stir for one minute.

    Remove from heat and let cool.

    After cooling add to a one quart spray bottle.

    The original recipe link, asked to be posted by the recipe author:

  2. Forgot to say, we'll def. be trying this one out, maybe even today! It's rainy and dreary and the first official day of "summer vacation".

  3. We did one part liquid starch to one part glue and it just came out really liquidy. Is there something else we need to do besides mixing?

  4. No... nothing else you need to do. We've never had a problem with this recipe. My suggestion would be to start with the glue and slowly add the starch until you get the consistency you want. I hope it works for you because it's a lot of fun! :-)

  5. wow! Adia would SO love this! thanks for sharing :)

  6. @ Itze: We have found a few tricks help. First start with Elmers school glue, it just works better than store brands. Second: After mixing grab " the solid" glue mass out of the center and place it on a plastic tray and knead it for several minutes. If it is to sticky drop it back into the starch and mix some more, if it is to slimy rinse it in the sink and knead some more.

  7. I'm from Australia and I don't understand what the starch component is, we don't have that here.

  8. lioness4412, I'm guess they're talking about this.


  9. Well, I have LITRES of liquid 'stuff'...I wish there was a blob to pull out and knead! Our little one just ended up smearing all over the table. Any idea for what to do with liquid starch/glue mix? :)

    1. Im having the same problem....i've done this twice now with no good result. I'm thinking I need to heed the word SLOWLY next time. I reapply want to do this with my son.

  10. I tried a third batch today. I put in about 3/4 bottle Elmers white school glue (made a line on the bottle), filled the glue bottle to the line with starch (Faultless liquid starch). I made a little squirt, then played with it with my finger for 5 minutes. little squirt, play. I did this until all of the measured starch was in the bowl, then I played with this gluey mess for another 30 minutes. It has a thin, soup consistancy and is not firming up. It coats my fingers, but is not very sticky in and of itself. It is not congealing, and I am fustrated. I *really* want my son (and myself ^.^) to play with this. It seemed amazing to me-yet I am having all this difficulty, not to mention wasting resources on failed attempts.
    I am with you Nanny: there is no blob to pull out and need-it's just a viscous mess at the moment. I'm about to stick it in a ziplock and toss in the freezer. Perhaps some molecular change would do this mixture good.

    PaHM: is there any hope? (I can link pictures on my fbook page if it would help you diagnose ^.^)

    Thank you!

    1. Sounds like you need more starch!

    2. You have to knead it for a LONG time. Try doing it like they do pizza dough. Make a disc and turn it under itself. You'll end up w the same effect. I also ended up having to use 1.5 glue/1 starch. And when I say LONG, I mean like 10-15 mins.

    3. I will give this one more go this weekend, and let you know how it turns out. Putting a bottle of glue in bowl, filling bottle up with liquid starch, mixing and adding starch until it's right.....i hope it works!

      Rebecca, i played with that hot mess 30 minutes +....it was nasty.

    4. Laundry starch and corn starch are two totally different substances. Perhaps try the corn starch

  11. We tried this today. I am in the uk and struggled to find laundry starch. I finally found some. My daughter and I were really excited, but it has come out a runny liquid mess. Is school glue just white pva glue? We have not despaired and added it to a sandwich bag and put in a LOT of glitter and she is happily playing with it "it's so squidgy I want to put it on my tummy, look I made a hot water bottle" there was nothing hot or even warm about it but she thinks it is great. I am a bit disappointed...but looking at her...she is loving it.


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