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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Shaving Cream Fun!

Some fun activities to do with something you probably already have on hand!  

Body painting with shaving cream
We've been doing a lot of shaving cream bins lately

Liquid watercolors sprayed on shaving cream
My son - 2yrs old - SERIOUSLY enjoying some shaving cream fun!!! - AK
Painting with shaving cream and liquid watercolor
shaving cream + squirt gun of water color paint + easel = fun!



  1. Hi! I have a few more shaving cream ideas, but they are more permanent. You mix the shaving cream with white glue, then build up your sculpture, painting, or roll pine cones or other large items in, then sprinkle glitter, sticks, craft sand, etc. When the creation dries, you are left with a poofy white (and whatever colors you added)artwork that is dry to the touch. Pinecones with glitter make good ornaments in winter. Painted on construction paper makes "snowy" artwork.

  2. Thanks a lot for the sharing these pics. I would dare to say this would probably be much more suitable for mixed combination or moderately oily skins, as the product's behavior is to moisturize like an oil-absorbing cream. I have not used it as pre-shave treatment yet, so no opinions here.

    I-Coloniali Oubaku

  3. What a lot of truly wonderful ideas! I'll be trying a lot of these in my sensory area within my nursery:) thanks so much guys x


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