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Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Power Behind The Process - (painting with a power tool)

In an attempt to take my son's love of power tools to the next level, I came up with this idea.  We set up a lot of activities hoping to inspire our children to play, but any time you can follow the interest of the child, it makes the activity so much more meaningful.  For this all you need is a drill, paint, paint brush and something to paint on.  I simply stuck the paint brush into the drill and tightened it - worked great and my son LOVED it. - AK

Trying to incorporate his love for power tools!! :)


  1. ahhhh! this is brillant! i will try this soon.


  2. just found you through teacher tom...and thank you! if my preschool was open in summer, i would do this TODAY.

  3. How do you clean the easel? Do you just hose it down when he's done, or do you have to scrape it, or use a special cleaner?

  4. I teach 4/5-year-olds at a day care and we did this activity outside this summer. I attached sponges to the toy electric drills and it was a hit! I think we were outside for 2 hours that day. All 18 kids wanted a turn!

  5. I really hope to try this soon too! It looks like such great fun!

  6. Love this! I will have to remember this for the future as my son is only 9 months old :D


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