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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Outside Inside

As I play and learn and observe alongside my son, I encourage things that will offer insight into all of his curiosities.  One way we do this is by bring the outside inside.  From sticks, to grass, to sand, to leaves, to bugs - we bring it in.  His playroom already has several things from nature that are permanent items - sticks, rocks, shells, pine cones, acorns, etc.  Its a great way to play, dialogue, and learn.

(Of course, everything goes on the light table for a better view.  :)


Sticks and Pine cones on the projector

One day we brought in rocks and part of a pine tree

This is my son (22M) and RLs daughter (24M) - they found a worm and we brought it in for further observation.

June 30, 2011 - my son at 2.5 - he found 2 worms and a millipede on our morning walk

Making a habitat for the worms and millipede
Shells, pine cones, light, mirror


  1. Love it!

    You are very brave. We have shells and sticks galore, indoors, but I draw the line at bugs... though they do tend to find their way in on their own.


  2. I did cringe a bit when the millipede was crawling across our carpet, but I guess it could be worse. We had to catch a frog in the kitchen this evening (that we brought inside) - LOL - I try to find the joy in it. :) - AK

  3. I draw the line at cockroaches - LOL - AK

  4. Where did you get the light table. Or did you make it?

  5. Click SUPPLIES here on the blog and you will see the light panel under Constructive Playthings.

  6. Beautiful! I love using our light table and overhead projector.


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