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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Lava Lamp in a box

My girls love making lava lamps so much that I wanted to create something more hands on.  We decided to do this one on the light panel for a fun effect... it does not have to be done this way.  

The Invitation

A container of water.
Food Coloring or Liquid Watercolors
Wooden Skewer
We also had paper towels on hand.

Adding Oil

The oil will float on top because it is less dense than the water.  It will also create pockets or "bubbles" of oil and water.  

Adding liquid watercolors to an oil bubble.  

Liquid water color bubbles.  
The colored bubbles will start to sink...

Popping the colored bubbles. 

Or you can pop them!  

Popped color bubbles.

After you pop the colored bubbles it will create an explosion of color. 

Color Mixing

You can also color mix.  This works GREAT if you start with primary colors.  

Color mixing.
Here my oldest started with red... then added blue to create purple explosions.  So cool!  

More color mixing.  

Blowing bubbles with a straw.

For a fun added effect they also blew their own bubbles with a straw.  


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