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Monday, June 20, 2011

Illuminating Art

One rainy day I was dying to set up some fun water play on our light panel because my son loves to mix and pour.  So.....I wrapped and wrapped it with plastic wrap for protection.  Afterwards, I thought to myself - 'there has to be a better way'.  I asked my husband to build a protective cover for my light panel - so I could illuminate my sons art, and we could do more fun and exciting things on it.  Here are some examples.  There is SOOOOOOO much to be gained from these activities - gross motor skills, fine motor skills, pre-writing skills, color recognition, shape recognition, etc etc etc.  All in all, its just REALLY REALLY fun!  - AK

This was that first day - notice the plastic wrap - LOL. Water play - we started with blue and yellow and he poured the blue into the yellow to make green

Painting with watercolors

shaving cream on light panel

shaving cream on light panel - 2yrs old

Finger painting on light panel with pilot outfit on - LOL

Finger painting on light panel
Markers on the light panel

 You can even make prints.  Here my son is pressing paper onto the paint.
 My son showing me his finished product.....only the print is facing him, not me.  LOL


  1. Is your light panel covered with all of the "wet" fun?

  2. My question didn't really make sense. Do you have a cover over your light panel so the wet fun won't hurt the panel or get down into the electrical parts of it, if that's possible?

  3. Yes, my husband made a protective cover for the light panel. You can see it under DO IT YOURSELF FURNITURE (sorry I dont have more specific instructions there - he said he "eyeballed it"). - AK


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