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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sewing Board

THIS is what inspired me to create a sewing board.  She made a table, which I LOVE (and would totally make if I were still teaching), but I wasn't sure how my son would like it so I thought I would try using items we already had....

Things you need:

  • Large picture frame (I actually use the frame for our light panel cover that my husband built – seen HERE.)
  • Burlap
  • Plastic Yarn Needles
  • Yarn
  • Staple Gun
  • Scissors
  • Hook for hanging


First I tied the yarn around the frame for hanging.  You don't have to do this first.  I ran it through the burlap once the burlap was on.

Place frame on burlap and cut out burlap, leaving enough extra material to wrap around the frame.

Use a staple gun to secure the burlap into place - stapling to the frame.  Not pretty, but oh well.

Hang it from ceiling.  I use these hangers because they wont damage the ceiling and they are surprisingly strong.


"Its like lots of tunnels, Mommy."

Spinning the board around was really fun, too.  LOL


He revisited this a few times.  Im excited about adding things like buttons, felt, etc.

I made a sewing board on a smaller box frame I had using my leftover burlap.  This is the invitation I have set up for tomorrow.  Sewing translucent pony beads on the light panel.

This is a fabulous activity to foster creativity, introduce a new skill (sewing), and develop fine motor skills.  I would say the invitation was well received.  He was tired and I think he might enjoy it more when he's not beat from a long morning in the pool.  I also think the swinging board got a little frustrating for him, but that could have been just because he was tired.  A table would be ideal....we'll see.  :)


 OK, I did it....I made a simple sewing table.  One of our readers (Meesh Crum) mentioned using a sensory table and that got my wheels spinning.  I simply used a staple gun to staple the burlap to the bottom of the table.  My son visited it several times (even my husband played with it - LOL).

Sewing table (with beads, pasta wheels, and cut up straws).  Clear container from Kohls.



  1. I am always nervous to try thing like sewing with my almost 3 yr old twins. This is a really cool and safe introduction. I hope I get to do it!

  2. What a great idea my daughter would live this.

  3. What about using an embroidery hoop (no staples and could be reused with new fabric) and just letting them hold it? Then it wouldn't swing around but not as space consuming as a whole table. I love the idea of a table though! Just trying to figure out a way to change out the fabric when they're done with their masterpiece and want to start another. I'm definitely trying this is some form because my 4 year old always wants to sew but gets the fabric all folded over and sews it to itself! Also love the burlap for making poking the needle even easier!

    1. I use a large embroidery hoop and burlap for my 2.5 year old, and it works great. It takes up a lot less room and it is super easy to switch out the fabric. Or you can use those plastic sifters that come with sand/beach toys.

      The table is a cute idea, but we're pretty limited on space.

  4. Mine is still too young for this but this is such a cute idea!!!

  5. I love this idea! I'm so happy to be seeing PAHM all over pinterest these days. We're trying to spread the PAHM love on our pinterest for you. I am thinking about making this for some of my counseling clients. Love, love, love it!!

  6. Thanks, Ladies. Be sure to click on the link in the post to see the cool tapestry table that inspired me. :)

  7. Both the table and the hanging frame are great ideas! Hanging the frame will help build upper arm strength, and the table provides a community experience. Can't wait to poke around my supplies to see what I can come up with for my own students :D

  8. Great idea! What kind of ceiling hanger is that?

  9. What about mounting it vertically like your easel? Access to both sides, but not moving.

  10. I have a lap frame for embroidery that's been gathering dust for a few years. I think I'll try this with all my old low count Aida cloth. Thanks!

  11. I'm wondering about placing fabric into embroidery hoops or square frames and then placing the hoops and or squares into sink holes slightly bigger drilled into your table. Once finished you could pop out your hoop or frame and take it with you. Oh, the ideas you help to create!

  12. very cool. i think i am definitely going to make these on the smaller scale. unfortunately we dont have the room for an awesome sensory table. someday soon we will be able to have a bigger playroom/classroom when we get a bigger house.

  13. Silly question, but are those plastic needles? Where would one get some of those?


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