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Saturday, March 3, 2012

RSV Vaccine (Playing Scientist)

My oldest (3 years) has a book from Chick-fil-a about Louis Pasteur and the rabies vaccine. It is her new favorite book.  I swear we read it at least 5 times a day.  With the whole house being sick we have been talking a lot about germs, medicine, vaccines, etc.  I took my 3 month old in for a doc visit and she was positive for RSV.  When I got home my oldest had a million questions....  

"What happened?"  
"Is she sick?"
"Did she get a shot?"

I explained to her how there wasn't a vaccine for RSV yet.... that she just needs to take her medicine and get rest.  That led to a million other questions...

"Why isn't there a vaccine?"
"Is she going to get better?
"Does she have to go back to the doctor?"

I jokingly asked her if she could make a vaccine for RSV.  She said YES!  Of course she can.  :-)  

The next day I set up this invitation

Stir sticks, petri dishes, salt and pepper shakers, liquid watercolors, test tubes, a few clear containers and bottles, dropper, teaspoon, measuring spoon, and a little whisk.  

The test tubes are filled with: water, vinegar, soda, bubble solution, oil, and dish soap

The petri dishes are filled with: Dried up food coloring, broken up colored bath tablets, baking soda, and broken up alka seltzer tablets

The salt and pepper shakers have glow powder and baking soda

The petri dishes, test tubes, and rack can be seen on our AMAZON STORE

The stir sticks are from Walmart.

The dropper bottles are from www.specialitybottle.com 

Everything else is from the Dollar Tree

Invitation from above

Checking things out

"I need some of those... and a little bit of that"

"Look at all those colors!!"

Shaking the glow powder

My 24 month old loved this as well.  She's a big dumper, pourer, mixer.  

Shaking in some baking soda

My 24 Month old was very precise on what she used next.  

"Look!!!!  It's bubbling.  It must be working"  

"Can I feel it, Mommy?

"Nurse M, may I please have that?"

Hard at work  


"It's finished!  Here is your medicine to make you feel better.  You just have to pretend, though."  

My 24 Month old continued to play with this after everything was one big mixed up mess.  

So much fun!  



  1. My three year old would be in heaven with this activity. I am adding this stuff to her birthday list. I don't know if you cut your daughter's hair but I had the same amount of hair as your oldest daughter when I was little and it didn't start to come in more than that till I was 5 but by 7 I had it down my back ;)

  2. So sorry your 3 mo has RSV that STINKS!!!! I am pretty sure my little guy got a mild case of it (from daycare of course) about 2 months ago but luckily was able to push through it easily. Hope yours gets better soon, I'm sure attention from these 2 will help him/her feel better ASAP!!! Love the project here. Wanted to share this article with you guys, you may of read it already though: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/09/27/magazine/27tools-t.html?_r=1&pagewanted=all

  3. Great Project! although there is a vaccine to prevent RSV! It's called the Synagis Shot that only preemies or babies born with heart and lung deffects qualify for. :) I love your blog!

    1. Yes, we used the Synagis shots for my daughter who was born here in Canada in 2006 at 29w6d. At that time, she got 6 shots of it (one per month November to March)... our government paid for it at a cost of about $10000! So glad we have Medicare to help with that!

    2. Synagis is actually not a vaccine. The shots are full of antibodies meant to deter at risk children from contracting RSV, they do not prevent it like a vaccine does. This is also the reason these kids need 5 or 6 shots per year (depending on the RSV season), and not one shot, once. ;)

      Maybe one of PAHMs kids will invent an RSV vaccine one day? They're off to a good start.

  4. Hope your little guy feels better soon!

    The synagis shot has never been proven to prevent RSV (you think it would have been at $1000 dollars a pop) and studies show that breastmilk is the best at preventing RSV and rotavirus (the rotavirus vaccine is contaminated with a mutated porcine virus that causes cancer).

    While I will never again vaccinate my kids there are those parents that will. Maybe you could encourage her to creat vaccines that aren't a toxic chemical soup, that don't provide immunity but do provide plenty of autoimmune diseases later on in life.

  5. Was the glow powder also found at Dollar Tree? What kind of package was it found in... I've never heard of it. Thanks!

  6. We love American Science & Surplus for this kind of supplies (plus they are funny) -

  7. LOVE this one! I love that you incorporated science and real life scenarios. My boys are older but I am definitely going to do this for them. They will love it!

  8. love your blog and the out of the box ideas but why do all, (more often then not) the activities HAVE to be on the light table? That cant be good for their eyes.

    1. I understand how it can seem that way, but we have 250 posts and only 35 are on the light table. Its not even an item we use every day and as far as we know its not bad for the eyes.

    2. Love your response! The light table is an amazing way to add to an early childhood education experience! I have gotten some amazing ideas from your blog! Thanks!


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